Two Women Digging For Adventure


Carol and I both come from farming backgrounds: our ancestors were small farmers who owned their land here in West Knoxville where Smiths and Scotts first purchased and farmed land around 1800, and in Elk Valley, now called Pioneer, where Carol’s great-grandparents lived and farmed. After college, we migrated into the Northeastern US, gained jobs and husbands and children, a little wisdom and a lot of age. Now we are back in Farragut, and acknowledging a pull (possibly, probably, genetic) into plant life and gardening. Insatiable curiosity drives us: we have become garden-center groupies, gardening-book collectors, open-garden voyeurs, online-gardening addicts, seekers of horticultural experts and gardening friends.

We have learned that creating a beautiful environment for outdoor living…one that also enhances the beauty of your home, and its value, is NOT EASY. Knowing what to plant, when to plant and how to plant is hard. Making it artistically pleasing is hard. Discovering that the soil may differ in various parts of your yard can be a surprise. Discovering that you have plants in full sun that require shade, or vice versa, is disheartening. Finding someone to identify plants, including weeds, requires work and trust. Learning the mature size of your trees, shrubs, and plants can be surprising. Locating plants is time-consuming. We know all that; we are with you there. We have a multitude of questions that need answers, and as we seek and find them, we are going to share our answers and our adventures with you. Together we shall Dig for Adventure.